by Fox Hollow Woods

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released November 7, 2013

Cant thank all of you enough <3
Eric, Amanda, Meghan, Paige, Nick, Nipple, Trey and a shit ton more of you, thank you all so much



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Fox Hollow Woods Warrington, Pennsylvania

A band Steve Wozniak made to play songs that he recorded in 2013.

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Track Name: hipsterblogs.
I have yet to call this wasteland my home
where elders die off and the young lose their gold
i am certain
this goes unknown

i have yet to result in pain
coming back home from this keystone state
i planned to die today

born and raised in eastern PA
where setting suns brought the day
i wonder how i stood so sane

theres something in my heart i dont know
i cant seem to let you go
my wallet and my keys inside
in an unnamed paradise
theres something in my heart i dont know
i cant seem to let you go
this plane this train this car is killing me
theres something in my heart i dont know

this setting sun brings me closer to home
damn post cards welcome me so
oh wasteland, you are my home
Track Name: your cats hate me but i think you're cute
darling, does it seem too cold for june?
im just trying to get closer to you
to regain the heat
that ive lost, theres no heat at home
i just cant seem to, forget the comfort i find in you

i could hardly let go, to you a few nights ago
i am too terrified, of seeing me walk off alone

your hair your smile, your damn sense of denial
no matter what i do, i just cant get shit through to you
its these stacks of lyrics written with you in mind
that i recite to you
right before i lose my god damn mind

[random conversation]

i cannot make it home without you in my head
frankly id possibly be dead
i cant thank you enough for the difference
i cant pay you back for the difference
sad to say all i can offer is myself
sorry to say that this shits not enough
you deserve worlds and all of their riches
all i can afford is this shitty little song
Track Name: empires
So you say you aint got a soul?
Which is sad because ive seen,
the act of compassion flowing from the rips in your seams,
and ill have you know, that ive seen the horrors of hell, flowing from your self righteous mouth

Now its all this rain, that’s showing your true side
And I am right but I don’t know
What to do with you anymore
For I don’t know what you’re up to
But I do know that, I’ve got some new for you

Dear you’re building up an empire; you know that they say that all empires fall
You might think that your empires crumbling down
Your empires falling, your empires falling down.
You should know, that everything that brought us together is falling apart now!
Falling apart now that you’re all alone!

you should know, that your empires falling down…
Track Name: a rough draft of a better me
standing on this rooftop
hoping the sun will answer my call
to rid this horrid apartment, with your warm light
to wash these demons away
and take me back where i belong
and to find my way home
im lost so can you guide me there

i cannot make it home without your hand right next to mine
i haven't lost all sense of direction, no i have lose all sense of getting there

where is the light where is the home
and i swear when i get home i swear that i will be yours
but sadly i cannot be the same man i was before
i can hardly take it anymore


im fighting this two front war, between my and my insecurities
im dwindling down and i will buckle down
and focus on a better me
Track Name: (Last Song)
driving out on tuesday morn'
said goodbye to those ive hurt
in hopes of bringing them closer

im dancing 'cross this ballroom floor
i can hardly see anymore and this night out, it feels so good

i cannot move on with you in my memory
i cannot move on with you in my memory
so all of you, please come with me

this midnight fire grows so dim and the grass below smells of gin
this PA night sky oh how it brings
how it brings me back to me and my friends
and all the stories that we've said
and all the times that'd never end

and how id raise a glass to all of them